Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Resolution: Protect your privacy

Chris Hoofnagle offers some great tips on protecting your privacy. Some I've done, but some sound like great new year resolutions.

Top on your list should be getting all those annoying credit card offers stopped. I mean, come on, how many credit cards can you possibly take and how many do you get?

My one-year old recently got an endless supply of credit card offers from a major credit card company. The company didn't want to stop sending the offers unless I supplied them with my name, social security number, etc. I mean come on...They finally removed his name, which they had misspelled, without collecting information about me. I also didn't offer to correct their misspelling. It makes me wonder where they got it though...

Anyway, here's one example of a great suggestion from Mr. Hoofnagle:

"KEEP YOUR BANKING RECORDS PRIVATE. Under federal law, your bank can sell your account information, including your bank balances, unless to direct them not to. Call all the banks that you use and ask to opt out from all information sharing."

Happy new year everybody!



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