Sunday, January 08, 2006

Poll about court-ordered wiretaps

According to a news story called Poll: Most Want Court OK for Gov't Taps by Katherine Shrader, most Americans want wiretaps. The poll results are actually quite close, however, and given the margin of error, there may not be that much of a difference at all.

The AP-Ipsos poll says that 56% of respondents said the Government should have to obtain court warrants prior to listening in on overseas calls and e-mails of US citizens. 42% did not believe that court approval was necessary.

If the poll results accurately reflect the larger population it gets very interesting when looked at by age. About two-thirds of those between age 18 to 29 believe warrants should be required, while people 65 and older are evenly divided. According to the article: "almost three-fourths of Democrats and one-third of Republicans want to require court warrants."

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