Saturday, October 28, 2006

Phone locks if owner gets to far away

An interesting new security feature is available in a Japanese phone, it locks if the owner gets too far away. Facial recognition can also be used as additional security:

Here's how that works. Owners must first take at least three photos of themselves with the phone's camera. Up to 10 can be shot, in various situations — with and without glasses, with and without makeup, indoors and outdoors. Then, if the facial-recognition feature is turned on, before accessing the handset a user has to take a picture of himself with the camera. The phone analyzes features such as distance between the eyes and unlocks if the image matches the stored data. A separate function recognizes whether the eyes are blinking — in case someone tries to show the owner's photo to gain fraudulent entry. Not only that, a four-letter password can be added to this process, to guard against an identical twin getting unauthorized access.

The phone can be tracked via sattelite if lost. The security is a good idea since this phone, like other Japanese phones, can be used as credit cards or prepaid cash.


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